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Green Air Filter BMW E30 325i
Green Air Filter BMW E30 325i
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GREEN FILTER OEM replacment air filter BMW E30 325i

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Type of product : GREEN FILTER OEM replacement sport filter
Fits on : BMW E30 325iGreen Filter develops high performances filters for OEM air boxes. With exactly the same dimensions of the OEM filter of your BMW E30 325i, it fit perfectly and easily, and improve the efficiency of your engine. Made of multilayer oiled cotton, it provide a better air flow while perfectly filtering the entering air. Your BMW E30 325i will be more efficient and less fuel consuming. French made and quality, this filter is designed for a lifetime use thanks to regular washing and oiling easy process with GREEN FILTER products (available on GT2I website too).
Performing, economical, ecological, GREEN FILTER’s products are made for every kind of thermal engines, tunes or not, and offer a lifetime warranty.

BERTONEFREECLIMBER (FC1)2,0L129BMW M20B2012/90>12/93
2,7L129BMW M20B2712/90>12/93
FREECLIMBER (FC2)1,6L100BMW M40B1603/92>12/99
BMWALPINA B12 (E31)5,0L V1235106/90>05/94
5,7L V1241611/92>12/96
ALPINA B3 (E30)2,7L20409/87>06/92
ALPINA C1 (E30)2,3L17008/83>11/85
ALPINA C2 (E30)2,5L18507/85>03/88
ALPINA ROADSTER (Z1)2,7L20008/90>09/91
SERIE 3 (E30)316 i100M40B16 KAT09/87>06/91
316 i Touring100M40B16 (KAT)09/91>06/94
318 i102M10B1812/84>08/88
318 i S136M42B1809/89>08/91
318 i Touring113M40B18 (KAT)04/89>06/94
320 i125M20B2009/82>12/85
320 i Touring129M20B2001/88>12/91
325 e122M20B27 (KAT)10/83>12/88
325 i Touring170M20B25 (KAT)07/87>03/93
325 i X170M20B25 (KAT)12/86>08/91
325 i X Touring170M20B25 (KAT)06/88>10/93
SERIE 3 (E30) CABRIOLET318 i113M40B18 (KAT)09/90>10/93
320 i129M20B2009/87>10/93
325 i170M20B25 (KAT)09/87>10/93
SERIE 3 (E30) COUPE et CABRIOLET318 i113M40B1887>91
SERIE 3 (E36)316 i100M40B16 (KAT)09/90>09/93
318 i113M40B18 (KAT)12/90>10/99
318 i S140M42B1803/93>04/99
SERIE 3 (E36) COMPACT316 i102M43B1603/94>10/00
SERIE 3 (E36) COUPE318 i S140M42B1803/92>10/95
SERIE 5 (E28)520 i125M20B2006/81>12/87
525 e122M20B27 (KAT)09/81>12/87
528 i
SERIE 5 (E34)518 i113M40B18 (KAT)08/89>09/95
518 i Touring115M43B1894>96
520 i129M20B2001/88>08/91
525 i170M20B25 (KAT)01/88>08/91
SERIE 7 (E32)750 i V12300M70B5009/87>09/94
SERIE 8 (E31)850 Ci326M73B5409/94>11/99
850 CSi380S70B5604/93>12/99
850 i Ci300M70B5004/90>10/94
Z12,5L170M20B25 (KAT)11/88>06/91

Shape : FLAT
Figure : 1
D1 : 259 mm
D2 :
D3 : 149 mm
D4 :
H : 23 mm

Manufacturer's reference :
Reference MANN : C26110/1
Reference MAHLE :
Reference K&N : 33-2059

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