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Tarox F2000 front brake discs LOTUS Elise S2 288x26mm

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Conceived more than 18 years ago, TAROX F2000 discs have become a must-have of the brand. Versatile, TAROX F2000 discs are designed for drivers who want to alternate between road and track sessions. They can endure extreme driving. The TAROX F2000 brake discs are distinguished by their curved grooves that allow the brake pads to be de-iced and thus ensure optimal performance of the brake discs. Depending on the application a TAROX F2000 disc will have between 7 and 9 grooves. This high carbon content disc is hand finished to obtain a smooth surface and thus ensure a good running-in.

Packing : Pair
Finish : F2000 with floating bell
Assignment : LOTUS Elise S2 1.8 2001-
Diameter : 288mm
Thickness : 26mm

Products intended for the adaptation of vehicles, with a view to competition, may prohibit their circulation on roads open to public traffic, insofar as they significantly modify the characteristics of the vehicles as described in the type-approval report issued by the Mining Department: noise, pollution, maximum speed, tyre size, ...

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Supplier part number :
F2000 S2-2085

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F2000 S3-2085
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