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GT2i FIA Race-02M Skai -V2 seat - Fiberglass

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Our philosophy :

We wanted to adapt our seats to the evolution of the seating position over time. In the past, with cars not equipped with power steering and longer rallyes. Nowadays, with shorter stages, faster more direct input cars. When strength and stamina was needed, today's key words are speed, accuracy, comfort and adaptability. It was crucial to take into account every of these evolutions for the making of our seats range.

A fitting for various tilting options !

PLEASE NOTE: Valid until 31/12/2029!

Fiberglass shell is made from resin injection for improved manufacturing quality, decreased weight and increased safety.
Tested by various body types, the GT2i Race-02M V2 leatherette base was designed for a slightly more tilted driving position for increased comfort and safety in case of a potential crash. The driver is held in place, both at the thighs and shoulders while keeping a great freedom of movements for a quick steering input.
Their anatomic design allows for a wide variety of adjustments up to a more upright position for older vehicles thanks to the wide adjustments possibilities offered by our mounting frames (GT-FIX001).
Back padding is designed to match the drivers spine and offer perfect comfort. Padding can be either added in the lower back and bottom cushions to refine the driving position. Leatherette upholster offers the best look ever and a perfect use in SSV, 4x4 and Off-road. 3 magnets are integrated to retain the harness straps on the sides and base of the seat.

Features :

Injected resin shell

Certification FIA 8855-1999



MODEL: RACE-02M skai

HOM. NO: CS.462.20

FIA STANDARD: 8855-1999

Side (center distance 290mm) mounting frames

Weight : 8.9kg

Lumbar, base adjustments and thigh brackets by padding overlay.

Magnet to retain the harness.

Leatherette upholster.

Sold with 4 BTR screws + washers for the mounting.

Data sheet

Type :
Fastenings :
Materials :
Approval :
FIA 8855-1999
Adjustable :

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