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Forge intercooler for Peugeot 308 Gti Mk2 2015-2020

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This part replaces OEM part P9813218680 - EP6 Engine

Forge Motorsport are proud to present a complete plug and play intercooler solution for the Peugeot 308 GTI. With reports of the IATS (inlet air temps) reaching dangerous levels on track days in the summer months resulting in the engines ECU pulling out timing to prevent detonation. This can cause damage to your vehicles engine thus resulting in a loss of power in the highly tuned 1.6 litre turbo charged power plant.

The Forge Motorsport development team have managed to increase the volume of air passed through the air-to-air intercooler by the turbo charger to over 74% with a frontal area increase of 8% over the factory OEM supplied intercooler.

FMINT30 is finished in an anti-corrosion powder coating which not only helps preserve this intercooler from harsh environments but also aids its thermal properties. Alternatively it is available in the raw alloy motorsport finish and as with all Forge Motorsport fabricated products this intercooler if backed by the legendary Forge Lifetime Warranty.

With no extra lag and a proven reduction in IATS this is a must have item for the Peugeot 308 GTI owner who is either using their car for fast road, track days, or competition use. Alternatively, if you intend to modify your 308 GTI with either software (a performance Remap or engine ECU re calibration) the Forge Motorsport intercooler will aid to give the extra cooling and performance needed to ensure the engine stays reliable, safer, and runs cooler in the hot summer months.

With data logging, Forge found at 6646RPM the IATS did not pass 24°C. This was tested on the third pull on the dyno compared with 40°C on the second pull at 6647RPM with the stock cooler in place. Whilst power increased by 7 BHP at the wheel between 4500RPM and 6200RPM, with a 12NM of torque gain at 5200RPM and a consistent gain between 4300RPM and 6000RPM.

This Intercooler kit is a complete bolt on package and in turn means it is also fully reversable if required, it is also supplied with a full set of comprehensive.

Vehicle affectation :

Peugeot 308 GTI (2015-2020)

Products intended for the adaptation of vehicles, for competition purposes, may cause them to be prohibited their use on roads open to public traffic, insofar as they significantly modify the features of the vehicles as described in the official report, issued by the vehicle registration authority : noise, pollution, maximum speed, tire size, etc.

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