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ACL crankshaft bearing BMW M20 Standard

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ACL is a famous engine bearing manufacturer. Existing and working in motorsport for a long time, like in Brabham Formula 1 and Australian Supercars championships in the 1960's, ACL provides very high quality and high performances main bearing and rod bearing designed with material, processes and innovation resulting of years of research and tests. Every single reference is designed and fits one engine, offering the best performances and reliability.

Crankshaft / main bearing for engine :
M20B20, M20B25, M20B27, M50B20, M50B25, M50B27, M52B20, M52B25, M52B28, M54B25 (2.0,2.5,2.7,2.8L) - (only after 03/1988)
Sizes : Standard

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