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Evans Classic Cool waterless coolant specially for classic cars 25 liters

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This EVANS waterless coolant is the result of decades of research and development.

Engineers have specifically created CLASSIC COOL 180° for Historic Vehicles with engines made of cast iron blocks and copper, steel and aluminum components. This coolant keeps engines at the right temperature in the harshest conditions. (freezing point at -40°C)

* The coolant that lasts a lifetime:

In addition to improving your cooling system, EVANS coolant helps improve the life of your engine. This protection will be active all the life of the engine without being replaced!

No water - No overheating:

The boiling point of EVANS coolant is above 180°C.

Without water - Without corrosion

Without water, EVANS coolant helps prevent and eliminate corrosion.

Waterless - Pressureless

EVANS coolant reduces the pressure in the cooling system.

Waterless - Scale Free:

By preventing the build-up of hard scale, EVANS coolant prevents inefficient heat transfer.

Waterless - More Power:

Premature detonation associated with overheating is eliminated with this waterless coolant.


In order to ensure the performance of EVANS coolant, it is important to follow the guidelines below:

1/ Remove the coolant present in your cooling system, including the heater unit.

2/ Fill the circuit with EVANS hygroscopic preparation liquid (Ref: EV-PREP-FLUID). This fluid removes all dirt, scale debris and other residues which may impair the functioning of the EVANS coolant.

3/ Start the engine until it reaches normal operating temperature, then allow it to cool. Drain the cooling system again.

4/ Fill the cooling system with EVANS coolant without water. Run the engine until it reaches normal operating temperature to expel air from the system.

5/ After the first use, check the coolant level and top up if necessary.

Capacity : 25L

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Capacity :

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