Born in 1998, the Peugeot 206 was supposed to be the successor to its older sister, the famous 205. Adapted in sporty version with the 206 s16, the 206 GT and the 206 RC, she becomes the Peugeot ambassador in the racing world with the 206 WRC, the 206 Super 1600 and the Volant 206 XS.

In 1999, the 206 S16 was created. 2.0L and 137cv, this new sporty car was born to be the worthy successor of the famous 205 GTI. Perfect to use on tracks or in rallies, this lady has a revolutionary agility and comfort. Lively, aggressive, powerful, resistant, reliable and sporty, the Peugeot is both loved and feared by the drivers. The engine blocks, brakes and transmission were motsly developed by the mechanicals for car racing.

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