Driver Equipment

Driver equipment for rally and track competition

In terms of safety, with the newest regulations each motorsport professional must have a quality driver equipment. Those norms are very strict, that's why most of the provided products are FIA approved (International Automobile Federation). Also, to minimize risks, we provide you our know-how and our partners competences to show you the best fire retardant underwears and helmets for rally and track. Indeed, our manufacturer advisors such as Sparco, OMP, Stilo and Alpinestars allow us to distribute products with the most attractive price. Finally, if you are a non-profesional driver, do not be afraid! Our equipment is available to all and will safely guide you during your progression. Our product range is divided in three major sub-sections: Equipment where you will find Boots, Gloves, Suits and Underwears, Safety with the key words Helmets and HANS (Head and Neck Support); Communication where Amplifiers, Intercoms and Co-driver Accessories are highlighted.

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