A concrete response to your needs

More than 30 000 accessories and equipments from the most standards to the most technics.

High-quality products carefully selected by our professionals and designed to last for a long time. To select our products, we visit a lot of shows. Our passion leads us all over the world to bring you constantly the latest findings, tips and tricks, and unearthed accessories rigorously selected.

Brands known for their performances in the motor sports competition sector. We believe in the products we offer because we faced them to the realities on the ground. There are quality products and their brand awareness is not a coincidence.

Specific produtcs for your use:
Thanks to our constant presence on the tracks, race tracks, demonstrations and gatherings, we know your needs better than anyone. Private individuals, fans, drivers, teams, performance tuners or profesionnals, every one will find the products he/she needs.

An informative and advisor catalog:
Readily seen prices and easily identifiable products and services! A specific signposting was created for ease of reading.

An exceptionnal logistics platform on our profession will ensure our disponibility and our efficiency: more than 5000m² developped. Nearly 80% of our catalog references are immediately available.

A guaranteed tranquility

Our deliveries are delivered as quickly as possible and wherever you want:
All your mail orders are directly delivered from the central warehouse of Montpellier which guarantee you a fast delivery.
By who will you be delivered? Depending of the size of your order, you will be delivered by an efficient and fast service of carriers.
Under which delays? After the reception of your order, we prepare it and in more than 80% of the cases we ship it the same day.
Then, you have to wait until 1 to 3 days for the haulage depending of the region where you live (2 weeks abroad [please consult us for special conditions] or Overseas Departments and Territories).
Place of supply? At home, at a friend's house, at your holiday destination, everything is possible.

A performant after-sales service:
You have 10 days to verify if your product meets your expectations with the possibility to change them and return them in the original packaging with the relevant invoice.

All our know-how at your service

A dynamic and efficient team of experts offers you an individual customer orientation:
A team of experienced professionnals provides you their experience and their technical knowledge about the products. We put much effort in the adaptation of our offer to your desires and needs.

Nearly 30 years of experience made to serve your requirements:
Created in 1986 by a Rally Driver, GT2i constantly does much effort to be at the forefront of innovation and to provides quality service in order to retain its number one position in its business.