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Bardhal Racing Coolant 5L

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This BARDAHL RACING coolant is a ready-to-use competition product that cools the engine to 15°C. This coolant is formulated with distilled water and can be used during races that prohibit the use of glycol-based coolant.

This Bardahl coolant allows to:

- improve heat exchange efficiency
- reduce engine temperature during races by up to 15°C
- effectively protect the cooling system against corrosion
- protect the water pump and prevent cavitation
- avoid overheating, power loss and mechanical problems
- boiling point 100°C
- colorless

Warning: this coolant has no antifreeze protection!

This coolant is safe for aluminum alloys, gaskets, hoses, plastic parts, magnesium, copper and bronze.
It is also compatible with all types of engines (cars, 4x4, motorcycles, go-karts,...) and can be used in normal use vehicles (except competition) subject to overheating problems due to hot climate.

Capacity: 5L

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Capacity :

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