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Clutch release bearing SACHS Performance for BMW 3 (E46) 330 d, 03.03 - 02.05

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ZF Sachs is one of the best clutch’s components manufacturers in the world, their engineers design and closely work with professional such as F1 teams, or Porsche Motorsport. Sachs develops 2 ranges of clutch components, standard ones for stock cars and racing one for competition use. Even if the goal is to get the best performances possible, the requirements and constraints are not the same.
Standard clutches are designed to be OEM mount or replacement for stock cars, the goal is to provide a good comfort. They are developed to improve performances, but only when reliability and comfort expectations are reached. They are perfect for daily use or sport leisure us of your car, but their weight, size and conception are very limiting for competition use.
For competition, Sachs produces the RCS range (Racing Clutch system), they are dedicated and design for high performance and high revving engines, the weight, the size and the moment of inertia is massively reduce in order to increase the engine acceleration and reduce the gear shifting time. In steel to fully carbon made, Sachs designed every kind of clutches to reach the highest performance and reliability in every kind of uses.

Clutch release bearing SACHS Performance for BMW 3 (E46) 330 d, 03.03 - 02.05
Engine : M57D30(306D2), M57N306D2

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