Forge silver dual piston blow off / dump valve open circuit for Citroën, Fiat, Ford, Opel

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Compatible with most cars with turbo and air flow meter. Made of aluminum, this Forge atmospheric dump valve releases compressed air by creating the famous "pschhht" when the throttle is released. This allows for faster throttle response, and a higher load to retain turbo pressure more safely.
Unlike single piston or diaphragm dump valves, this one uses counterweight springs and two pistons to prevent the valve from releasing air at idle. This allows this dump valve to avoid the breakage caused by single piston or diaphragm dump valves.

Please note: if you order this dump valve for a Fiat Punto 1.4 93-99, you will also need a mounting kit FO-RD8639.

All Forge Motorsport dual piston atmospheric dump valves have been designed to evacuate 100% of the residual compressed air remaining in the intake system at throttle shut-off. Every effort is made to allow compatibility of this product on flowmeter equipped vehicles, but we cannot guarantee that all configurations will be compatible with an atmospheric dump valve. Forge Motorsport and its distributors disclaim any responsibility for damage caused by the installation of this dump valve on a vehicle whose programming, original or modified, would not be capable of adjusting the air measurement with an atmospheric dump valve such as this.

In the box:

1 x FMDV004 Valve
1 x Forge sticker

Products intended for the adaptation of vehicles, for competition purposes, may cause them to be prohibited their use on roads open to public traffic, insofar as they significantly modify the features of the vehicles as described in the official report, issued by the vehicle registration authority : noise, pollution, maximum speed, tire size, etc.

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