List of products by brand ALPINESTARS

Alpinestars was born in 1963 in Asolo, a small Northern Italy town thanks to the revolutionnary Sante Mazzarolo. The brand began its career producing hiking shoes and ski boots, and quickly became a designer of motocross boots and then, in motorcycle racing. In the 1990's, Alpinestars enhances its range of skills with equipment and protections for bikers combining aesthetic, safety and excellent quality to quickly become a well-known brand worn by the greatest drivers. With its successful motorcycling range, Alpinestars extended its outfit to the automotive world and also to karting with a wide range of equipments fastly adopted by the world champions such as Michale Schumacher or Fernando Alonso... Nowadays, the Alpinestars company is managed by Sante's son, Gabriele Mazzarolo, and is present in many countries such as Italy, United States, Thailand or in Japan.