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Connecting Rod Bushings ACL 0.25 Peugeot XU9/XU10/XU10J2/XU10J4/XU10M - 1905cc, 1998cc 4 Cylinders

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ACL is a manufacturer of engine bearings.
With many years of racing experience, notably in Brabham Formula 1 and the Australian Supercars Championship, ACL offers high-quality metal bearings and bushings.
ACL offers top-quality metal bearings designed with innovations, processes and materials resulting from years of testing and research.
Each product is specially designed and adapted to the engine concerned.
These bearings are made of trimetal, and can withstand extreme operating conditions at high tower heights.
The final layer is very thin and offers increased strength to reduce fatigue experienced by the metal.
Engine compatibility :
Peugeot XU9/XU10/XU10J2/XU10J4/XU10M - 1905cc, 1998cc 4 Cylinders

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