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Carburater Weber 45 DCOE Horizontal

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Weber 45 DCOE carburettor Genuine Weber carburettors are finally available return !
For more than half a century, Weber carburettors equip sports cars, from the smallest displacement to the top of the competition.
More than a carburetor: it's a Weber! Synonyms of unrivaled (and unmatched) finish, Weber carburettors are today still relevant for all historic sports cars, and obviously for racing cars, all types of engines confused.
Technical data :
·         Diffuser: 36
·         Angle Butterfly: 78
·         Centering: 4.5
·         Needle Complete: 200
·         Nozzle Primary: 145
·         Pump Jet : 45
·         Air jet Braking: 155
·         Valve suction: 40
·         Foam concentrate: F16
·         Level of float: 12mm
·         Nozzle idle: 55F8
·         Mixed idle: 100
·         Hole progression: 120/100/80
Warning ! The Weber carburetors offered in the GT2i catalog all accept ethanol. However, E85 is hygroscopic and absorbs water unlike many gasoline. This phenomenon can generate corrosion in the carburetors. Weber if the equipped vehicle is stored and not used for a long period of time. The GT2i team recommends that you anticipate any prolonged shutdown by running on traditional gasoline to remove all traces of water from the circuit carburization and thus prevent corrosion.
Products intended for the adaptation of vehicles, for competition purposes, may cause them to be prohibited their use on roads open to public traffic, insofar as they significantly modify the features of the vehicles as described in the official report, issued by the vehicle registration authority : noise, pollution, maximum speed, tire size, etc.

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