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ACEWELL Dashboard Lap time Option

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Acewell standard dashboard with the lap time function.

This digital dashboard provides simultaneously on the same screen:

  • speedometer
  • rev-counter
  • fuel level
  • bar graph for the temperature
  • engaged speed gauge
  • 4x4 gauge (axle blocking)


The rev-counter bar graph provides 2 display ranges: 0 - 10.000 or 0 - 20.000 RPM.
Adjustable fuel tank level inlet (10-990 ohms) allowing to use any fuel gauge.
A backup inlet can be used for a temperature or an oil gauge.
The tachometer inlet can be connected to the included magnetic sensor or on a cable sensor. It can be compatible with sensors of original gearboxes.
The speed engaged gauge on a classic manual gearbox works by comparing speed (km/h) and RPM, without additional sensor!

100% water resistant.
Supplied with wiring for rev-counter, speed sensor, temperature sensor.

170 x 100.5 x 30mm

Sold with:
1x case
1x inductive sensor
1x 1/8 NPT temperature sensor for water or oil
1x cable kit and mounting instructions

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