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CATCAMS - Camshaft for Bmw 4 cylinders 2.3L 16v DOHC S14 (23 4 EA) 292°-279°,251°-243°,12.45mm-12.00mm,3.85mm-3.25mm

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The Camshaft is a masterpiece for the engine, it is one upgrade that can massively increase the performances of your favorite car.
When upgrading the engine, two parameters of the camshaft can be changed : the duration of valve opening and the valve lift.
By increasing the valve lift, you increase the air-fuel flow, so for the same opening time, you capable to increase the volume of air-fuel mixture in the cylinder, that will increase the power in high revs.
By increasing the duration( measure in degree ) , you increase the period while both exhaust and intake valve are open, the exhaust gases will help the fresh gases to enter in the cylinder by creating an suction effect. It will increase the air/fuel flow and the power.

CATCAMS is a manufacturer of engine metal parts, and is famous for its Camshaft range. Catcams analyses every engine for which they design parts. They produce steel casted parts as well as billet steel shaped by CNC. Every part is designed, produced, heat treated and check with the highest care possible. CATCAMS offers several camshafts in order to match every step of upgrade or applications.
Duration at 0,1mm (Intake / Exhaust) : 292°/279°
Duration at 1mm (intake / exhaust) : 251°/243°
Max valve lift (intake / exhaust) : 12.45mm/12.00mm
Valve lift at TDC (intake / exhaust) : 3.85mm/3.25mm

Products intended for the adaptation of vehicles, for competition purposes, may cause them to be prohibited their use on roads open to public traffic, insofar as they significantly modify the features of the vehicles as described in the official report, issued by the vehicle registration authority : noise, pollution, maximum speed, tire size, etc.

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