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H&R sport springs for Renault Laguna I break 3.0 11.93-2.01

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H&R Sport Springs kit are the most sold spring kits in the world.
Suspension is one of the most important point in road handling and drivability. The first thing to change to improve your suspension is the stock spring of your car. H&R springs have an excellent comfort and improve massively the day to day drivability. They are designed and built to be strong, performant and also more durable than the other brands. Every spring are made of 54SiCr6 spring steel to reach the highest quality and performances possible. Every single spring is tested and checked at the end of the production line in Germany factory in order to each spring sold is fully reaching the highest standards.
More than an aesthetic improvement, the sport spring low the center of gravity of your car and reduce roll and pitch movement. The progressive stiffness design allows to keep comfort while improving drivability and road handling. Lowering : Front 35mm, Rear 35mm.

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