Stilo ST5 R composite helmet SA20
Stilo ST5 R composite helmet SA20
Stilo ST5 R composite helmet SA20
Stilo ST5 R composite helmet SA20
Stilo ST5 R composite helmet SA20
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Stilo ST5 R composite helmet SA2020

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This STILO ST5 R fiber helmet is the increased version of the ST4 which was specially designed for the new Snell SA2020 approval.

This model is:

- lighter
- uses a thiner shell
- has an increased vision
- is more comfortable and aerodynamic
- has a better ventilation
- has a multi function visor locking claps and several adjustments such as microphone mouth distance and ear area customizable.

The STILO ST5 R is made in fiber for an excellent finish! The headset includes the standard earphones and not the earplug
for earplugs (same connection as WRC and Venti).

Weight (+-30g):

small shell 1555g
large shell 1695g

Included features:

- ear plugs: excellent insulation against outside noises, removable and not integrated to loudspeakers, adjustable pressure by changing foam and rubber bushes
- double shell: small (XS, S, M and L) and large (XL, XXl and XXXL)
- optional: vents, visors, sunscreen, ventilation system and frontal system to drink, front and rear spoilers
-drinking system connection plug: easy hydration system with easily removable coupling and easier car enter and exit (left side or frontal)
-adjustable microphone: magnetic and dynamic noise-cancelling filter
-integrated plugs: conection cable available to be connected to the car radio system (left side of the helmet)

Snell Sa2020 and FIA 8859-2015 approved
Integrated radio connection plug & ear plugs connection
Light, High resistance, fiber Shell
Designed for Professional track use
Aerodynamic features improved Ear plugs for noise reduction, removable
Two different shell sizes
Manufactured (FHR (Hans) Posts Option

This helmet is compatible with the following Stilo radios: WRC 03 (STI-AB0200) / WRC DES 9V (STI-AB0214) / DG-30 (STI-AB0600) / DG-10 (STI-AB0500) / WL-10 (STI-AB0520) and GT2i Pro (GT-RADIO-PRO-2).

Data sheet

Type :
Full-face helmet
Materials :
Approval :
FIA 8859-2015
Amplifier :

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